Legalise Drugs
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The Solution:
Why the Legalisation of Drugs is the only sane solution

The Solution

The solution to the War on Drugs is so obvious! Why is it not on the lips of EVERY politician?

Here it is:

1. Legalise all drugs
2. Allow people to make/grow their own if they want.
3. Classify drugs between those requiring medical/pharmaceutical prescription and lighter drugs that can be sold more openly (such as marijuana and alcohol)
4. Only allow persons of 18 years and older or another legally determined age to legally purchase drugs. Harder drugs would be sold by Pharmacies/Chemists, and only after a consultation to ensure users are aware of risks and to determine safe dosages. Marijuana could be sold from liquor stores/offlicences as alcohol is now
5. Enforce quality standards on all drugs
6. Treat Addiction as an illness, and provide medical services to help addicts beat their problem.
7. Tax drugs and use the income to fund drug use training in schools, quality enforcement, addiction assistance/medical help for addicts, and medical/pharmaceutical training
8. Make it illegal for anyone to supply drugs to minors, with harsh penalties (say 1 years mandatory community service followed by 10 years in prison)
9. Impose harsh penalties (large fines, community service and imprisonment) on anyone who causes harm to anyone else whilst under the influence of drugs. No distinction is made between alcohol and other drugs. Driving whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol should be treated as a major offence, whether someone is injured or not. It is effectively attempted manslaughter, at the very minimum. Big fines along with compulsory re-education and community service (a substantial amount of it-like 2 years) should be followed by a mandatory minimum jail term for any subsequent offence.
10. Make the giving of drugs to another person without their consent a serious criminal assault, punishable by a combination of prison and mandatory community service.

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