Legalise Drugs
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The Results of Legalisation of Drugs:

Establishing a sound foundation for the future of ourselves and our children

The Results

Our proposed solution would make a very clear statement to everyone: If you are of legally consenting age, you can do what you want to yourself, so long as you don't cause harm, intentionally or not, to anyone else. If you use drugs, and do cause harm, or do something whilst under the influence of drugs, such as drive a vehicle, which could cause harm, then you are in big trouble.

As a civilisation we need to respect individual rights; as individuals we need to ensure we respect the rights of others, and by our actions not do harm to anyone else. With freedom comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes accountability.

By legalising drugs and items 1-10 above, we would be doing the following:

1. People wishing to use drugs could do so without being a criminal
2. Children would not come into contact with the criminal underworld like they do now. Life would revert to a situation where most people would have nothing at all to do with crime.
3. Drug deaths and medical costs would decline radically because drugs would be quality controlled, and not mixed with harmful substances which cause most of the medical problems. Overdoses would be very rare, as users would know their correct doses.
4. All the money made by drug traffickers would stay in the mainstream of society, and not go to funding other criminal activities.
5. Street crime would virtually disappear, along with its main cause, getting money so an addict can fund their next fix.
6. The growing division in our society between the police and people generally would reverse, as so-called 'victimless crimes' would no longer be illegal.
7. Instead of $Billions each year going to criminals, governments could collect taxes on drugs sold legitimately through off-licenses, drug stores, pharmacies and liquor stores. You can bet the government would like this! Wake up you politicians out there!
8. A new respect for individual rights would invigorate our society
9. Driving under the influence of any drug would be seen as a serious crime, requiring recompense to the community, even if no one had been hurt.
10. The fascination of drugs to children, part of which is driven by its present illegality and anti-establishmentary disposition, would reduce dramatically. Drugs could be openly discussed, and whilst experimentation would never stop (as it never has with tobacco or alcohol), the interest in the harder drugs in particular would decline, as their 'on the street' illegal connection through drug dealers would cease.
11. Our streets would be safe again, with no need for gang wars over drug territories, etc.

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