Legalise Drugs
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What are the effects of the Prohibition of Drugs?

So here we are, after 40 years plus of prohibition, with $£Billions spent, for what?

Here are the results:
  • More crime than ever before!
  • More recreational drug use than ever before!
  • More anti social behaviour than ever before!
  • Less trust of government and the political parties than ever!
  • More anti-drug spending than ever before!
  • More drug related deaths than ever before!
  • More drug related medical problems and costs than ever before!
  • More addicts than ever before!
Etc, etc, etc, etc...

And what is the worst aspect of this prohibition?

Generations of young people have been introduced to criminality, because that is where one gets drugs-from the criminal underworld. Yes, these are the same people who provide protection rackets, sell the worst kind of pornography, pimp for prostitutes, and lead previously good people down the wrong roads in life simply because they become addicted. Our laws actually push our children -our future-into the hands and control of the lowest part of our society. Is this crazy? You're damn right it is!

When in the history of our modern societies was the last time feuding gangs and criminals had battles with machine guns in our streets?

Answer: During the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's!

Well it's all back, and for exactly the same reasons. In the end of course it all comes down to stupidity, and a lack of willingness for governments, media and people generally to let people do what they want to do. The Nanny State knows best! Wrong!

Remember Liberty? Remember how we fought for it in two world wars, and why the slogan of the American Revolution was 'Give me liberty or give me death? Remember??

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