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    The legalization of drugs is the only answer to drug abuse
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Welcome to Legalise

We've had enough! Enough is Enough!

It is time to face the truth that the War on Drugs -- the prohibition of drugs - has not and will never work!

The attempt to ban people from doing what they want to do, when it does no harm to anyone else, is destined to fail so long as people want to do those things.

Let us take you on a journey; starting from where we are now, and moving towards a solution and the results of that solution. Just follow the links.

Yes we have been here before--with American Prohibition, and looking at the effect of prohibition is our next step. Pity we haven't learned from history! Unfortunately the saying is proven true--we have not learned from history and now we have repeated it!

Please contact us if your agree that something has got to be done. We'll even accept your donations if you agree with our recommendations, and we'll use those funds to further the cause.

Oh yes, one last thing. Just because we are in favour of the legalisation of drugs does not mean we are in favour of drugs. It is a perfectly logical position that can be shared by anyone of any political persuasion.

  • Keep Fit

    Certain drugs are said to improve fitness, strength and health, but exercising and staying healthy without the use of any drugs is a safer option. There are many ways to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

  • Exercise Regularly

    Exercise is something many people become addicted to. It can be seen as a drug because people depend upon exercise and fitness, and these people tend to be those who live very healthy lifestyles.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Pharmacists require a good understanding on medication, and it\'s their skills and knowledge that get people back to good health. A healthy lifestyle often requires expert knowledge and knowhow, but it also requires a great deal of hard work and focus.


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